Laboratories of the in-between
By Marcos Garcia, Catherine Lenoble and Peter Westenberg.

LABtoLAB, l'école des pratiques en réseaux
By Catherine Lenoble.

Mon voisin le medialab
By Catherine Lenoble.

Collective statement against ACTA treaty

Discussion on LABtoLAb at Radio Panik

The ability to share what is being created
By Catherine Lenoble.

Public, proximity, commons and complex. Some thoughts about neighborhood-labs
By Marcos garcia, Laura Fernandez and Peter Westenberg.

Where is the art? A new mapping project in art and technology
By Attila Nemes.

Semantic cartography
By Catherine Lenoble and Thomas Bernardi.

L'Europe des Media labs
Questionnaires by Constant, Crealab, Kibu et Medialab Prado.

Wiki sprint "Media lab"
Wikipedia collaborative writing workshop on the page "media lab", 9th June 2011.

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