Media labs represented by LABtoLAB are varied and they all have specific properties.

The notion of media lab

It is important to describe what our view is on media labs. Without denying the past of media labs, our starting point is to review the notion of media lab. Where is it situated, how can we open up the notion of a lab ?

It is important that we create critical approaches towards the use, implementation, logic, social embedding of media, tools, the established structures of knowledge production, in order to stretch fixed definitions, boundaries of what is considered to be a media lab.

Some important aspects are :

We think a lab structure, in all its possible varieties can propose alternative ways of learning. Labs should re-evaluate the way knowledge and practices are organised.

Definitions by participants

We asked the participants of the meeting at Kitchen Budapest to give their definitions or characteristics for the media lab. The wide range of definitions were given and it well reflects that all labs are different and work among diverse conditions.

"The lab as a public technological observatorium where hacker attitude helps to locate resources, to map them and to rethink and evaluate allocation and redistribution."

"Administration, politics defines workfields by allocating budgets to divided sectors. On many level this is problematic with the mutiti-disciplinary professions active in labs."

"Lab as a connector, exploring the inbetween as a productive space, take advantage of digital technologies to accelarate border-crossing processes"

"Lab is a special place, that can make interrelations between physical conditions, protocols, concepts, prototypes and the web."

"The in-between can be an area for experiments, tests, where the making of mistakes, failures play a crucial role. Making mistakes as a productive practice, which should documented and from which we can learn."

"A lab invites audiences to practice in an alternative, more creative way, digital tools, and by that enable development of capabilities, skills, a device to empower practicioners."

"The power of experiment lies in both exploring new potentials of technological tools, and in this learning from mistakes."

"A lab is a media, lab is a device to work in between the different established, existing practices, around which knowledge is already structured. Borders or boundaries are crossed between:

Wiki sprint "Media lab"

During LABtoLAB meeting in Nantes (June 2011), a collaborative writing workshop on the page "media lab", coordinated by Attila Bujdoso, was organized.

More info here.

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